Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Game Dos...... the books! Glad preseason football is OVER! Can't wait for ESPN Gameday Saturday morning and Michigan vs Alabama that night! Go Blue Bitches.... Not bad 2nd half as Cowboys win 30-13 over the Dolphin. Here's four....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bitches.........'s been way, way, way too long!!! Blogging too much is one thing, blogging not at all is another!!! Well football is back and it seems fall and winter bring out my blogging desire. It's been a long spring and even longer summer but Tori Hunter is glad I am blogging is Dicky Pride, who is all pumped up! Danika doesn't care and Ryan Palmer is upset that I haven't blogged since February. John Daly wishes I would wear his clothing line, I guess I am fat middle age white guy. I prefer the Mike Stone (not pictured) look, khaki shorts and black top. Cheerleaders are looking to be my new favorite and Cowboys are jumping for joy! Game #1 in the least one, two, three do I hear four  more games in the next week?