Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3, 4 and 5....................

...............now in the books!! Game three was Alabama vs Michigan; a game I was so looking forward to as Brittany would be on the sidelines and YES, I was hoping the Wolverines could give the Tide a game...well I hardly saw Britto because it was all business for her and 'Bama jumped out to a 31-0 lead in the early second quarter, game over!
Game 4 was Keller Central vs Boswell, the first game I shot for the Star Telegram in a looooooong time and besides having computer issues in the KISD press box it was fun shooting on deadline and seeing (albeit very small) a pix in the sports section the next day. It actually was a pretty good game, but I missed the entire 3rd quarter because images were flying to the FTP at 3kb a second!!!! Geez, reminder to self hardwire next time I shoot at Keller!!!
Saturday was time for TCU as they defeated Grambling 56-0 to open the remodeled Amon G Cater Stadium in Fort Worth, in addition playing their first game as a member of the Big 12. I must say they did it right. What a beautiful on campus stadium the Horned Frogs have and should provide an awesome setting for Big 12 games vs. the likes of Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor in the coming years. Here's Britto, a beaten up Denard, great light at Keller and beautiful AGCS....

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