Monday, December 8, 2014


......I am not quite sure why I don't have the interest or desire to write to a "blog" so it must be the way I was raised by Bonnie and Ray. Or I don't have that internal burning interest in sharing my thoughts and whereabouts with everyone else. I guess that's why I don't have a Facebook or Twitter either. But I do have some time on my hands once and while and I do have images to share; so here goes.....If you have read any of my prior post you realize I rarely get to shoot winners especially come playoff time. This year so far with four football playoff games under my belt I had no less than an 0-4 record for the teams I was covering. Volleyball I was 1-1. So no "jube" (as Jim Cowsert) calls it for football....all dejection, all sadness, all the end of our season.
So throughout the years I have learned there is a way to make nice images without getting in the face of sad players with a wide angle; so I prefer to use the 70-200 or the 300mm lens for these situations. With winners they want to be shot, they want to be captured on a DSLR sensor, so go wide, in some cases real wide.....but losing teams not so much. Most of these players have work really hard to become a high school athlete especially here in the the state of Texas and although these moments may not seem special now I think it's import to make these images even if I am the only one who sees them. It's the moment of time I am capturing so here are four images I really like all from different games. Keller, Fossil Ridge, Colleyville and Trinity. You're ALL winners. And remember these images are copyrighted, don't use them.

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