Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's been 371 days give or.......

  .....take a few since I have blogged! I have shot over 100 games or events over that period of time and NOT posted one photo. Pretty sad! But at the same time I
have been Facebook, Twitter and Instagram free. The best part is I seriously love the fact that I don't feel the need to have to tell the entire world what I am eating, drinking, thinking or doing! People that feel the need to do that are seriously narcissistic in my humble opinion......
So with all that being said this blog will serve as the official outlet and home of RTCarlinPhoto as I have left my SmugMug account expire because of a various number of reasons mainly the cost and lack of parents buying photographs. Everyone is a photographer now days! Give them an iphone and hell Instagram will be the new Associated Press.
So it's time to post some pixs and try make sure I at least do it once a week. I stopped posting after about 6 &7 football games last season. So lets pick up on that theme, to date I have shot 11 football games and have another 3 this here are 3 long over do images; one great, two so-so....but I am not looking back over 11 games. Back on Monday, the good Lord willing with games 12, 13 and 14!!! And some SWEET images....rain in the forecast for Saturday's SMU-TCU some plans if there is lightening!!!

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